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london escorts ask a panel of men if they would date a porn star, here’s what they said

London Escorts agency at Charlotte Erith Escorts ask a panel of guys about dating a porn star and their answers are obvious but there are some answer that you didn’t quite expected.



Answered Yes: obviously he said YES! Not only because they are gorgeous but he also wanted to know the feeling dating a porn star, out of curiosity. “oh we have a curious George in the panel”


Answered Yes: he said, there is nothing wrong being a porn star, they choose that career and you should respect that as a gentleman, if you don’t like what you see, just don’t watch. If you really like the girl, porn star or not, why not?


Answered Yes: Just like Carl he wanted to know how it feels to date a porn star, the difference is he sees a porn star a sex goddess, he wanted to worship them (London Escort girls had a great time when Arthur answered the question) because when it his time to answered the uttered these words “Oh Yes! I worshipped them like the gods and goddesses”

Chad is playing safe

Answered  Maybe: His reasons are Yes, if she is not doing porn and No, if still is doing porn movies, but he said and I quote “I really can’t tell for sure, one because I don’t know who it is. Two, I can’t tell my feelings based on fantasy. But, hypothetically speaking I’m 70 percent Yes and 30 percent No. (well, we have a realist and a mathematician here in the panel)

Todd (well, this is kind of weird since he answered the question with another question)

When London Escorts asked the question, he asked: What kind of porn star? If she is doing Hard Core Porn, then Big NO! And if she is doing Soft Core, maybe yes? – Maybe it is.


Louis answered a Big NO!, he said because he wanted a mysterious woman, porn stars are giving away the mystery when he gave herself up for entertainment, he also don’t like that fact that most men will knew her and will keep hitting on her. (well, we got a jealous one here)


Also answered NO! He want his date to be old fashioned and reserved, but then he retract his answer He said “If it is only a date with no strings attach and no future relationship, maybe I should give a try”


Answered Yes: He said Sure, a casual date would be nice especially if there is also casual S*X (men panel were laughing) but if I would be romantically involve, I can’t answer it yet it is a lot tougher, but I am willing to try.


Answered Yes: I just love S*X, he said he is will not belittle them, he is not a rude guy for sure she knew that she is a porn star so, showing the gentleman in you could get you score. but he won’t get serious

Liam (when Liam’s turn one of the girls at London Escorts shriek, because he is so hot)

But, the funniest thing happen.

He said “Porn Star? It depends, If it is a girl then NO NO for me, but if it is a guy. Well, absolutely YES!”…

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