I enjoy dating men in search of friends in London.

However, I must confess that I am more attracted to men with dark hair and beards. It seems strange, and I don’t know who or what is causing it. A lot of women find attractive guys with unusual hairstyles and beards, but I’m the only one that gets sucked in by guys with dark hair and beards. I am captivated by people that resemble Captain Haddock from the Tintin film, according to one of the females at our London escort service at Charlotte Hertfordshire escorts.

The Tintin stories were fun to read when I was a kid, but I don’t remember ever having a crush on Captain Haddock, even if I did. Having said that, I am partial to men who enjoy watercrafts, and I am spending a few days in London with friends who cruise a lot. Regardless, none of them have dark hair and beards. They take me sailing after removing my escorts from London for the day. That is the thing that I find most appealing about them.

According to the boss, each of the other girls working at London Companions has her own special charm. True, the most of us have an innate need to get aroused by a certain attractive male. Lara, who has spent the most time with our London friends, has an attraction to tall blondes. We all agree that she has watched too many episodes of Vikings on TV, and that they need to be a little tough while dealing with the ages simultaneously. Many Scandinavian men are attractive, but I find that their blonde hair and ecstasy have little effect on me.

Then there’s Diamond, who is a relative newcomer to the London escort scene. She is attracted solely to Japanese men, despite the fact that she is an exotic-looking woman. Nevertheless, her allure can be easily explained. She spent her formative years in Japan, so I guess her idea of the ideal male has come all the way from there. Fortunately for her, our London companions service dates a lot of Japanese guys, and she’s popular among them due to her fluency in the language.

Will I be planning to marry a man with dark hair and a beard when I depart from London with my companions? Who knows? Maybe my perfect Captain Haddock is out there, waiting for me. I have come to the realization that I will not be one of those women who gets married just based on appearance. Another common practice among women is to wed for financial gain. I will also make sure that doesn’t happen. Since he is kind and wants to spend the rest of his life with me, I think I will marry him. Actually, I have learned from my mom’s mistakes—she was divorced three times. If I am not completely smitten with a man and he loves me, I will not get married. All ladies should do what I think they should and marry the king of hearts, in my opinion.

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