My girlfriends think that I’m a little weird because I’m extremely attracted to older men.

And when I say older I don’t mean four – five years older I mean like 20 years plus older. I’ve always been quite mature since my adolescent years and during those years I was always so lonely because I felt that I didn’t have any friends my age who were as mature as I was. So I didn’t really have many people to talk to or play with as an adolescent. Missed the time I would read books write my own mini novels or talk with my parents friends as I felt that they had more interesting things to say them most people my age. Things got a bit easier when I got to university as they were mature students there on campus where I stayed.


After uni I went to go and find a postgraduate job which at the time was extremely difficult so I ended up applying for a job with London escorts. I literally hit the jackpot many other clients in London escorts tend to be older men which was my idea of heaven because I was able to be around people who I found very attractive but also engage in the most sensual and for filling conversations. One of my favourite clients is a man called Jerome. Jerome if it is 56 years old he is the CEO of his own company. He runs and owns a recruitment company he started working from the bottom doing everything himself and now he manages an overseas all executive decisions about the company. He is the most interesting client that I have as I love to hear about all of the dramas at his workplace. Let’s not forget the fact that he is very sexy for 53 old man he has a tight body flat abs big arms and that sexy sprinkle of grey and his beard. Drome is originally from the Caribbean so he has beautiful dark skin with no wrinkles.


A lot of the girls at London escorts at Ace Sexy Escorts have been out on dates with him but more more the girls at London escorts and the receptionists have noticed that he calls just to speak to me. This makes me very excited as I literally come to work every day praying that he would call and book me for an overnight stay. I tell the girls at London escort all the time there’s just something so sexy about him he is about 6 foot two with broad shoulders short dark hair and he has a thick beard with sprinkles of grey hair spread evenly throughout his beard. His eyes are bright and when he smiles he lights up the room. He has this sexy squint when he smiles and he can start to see tiny little wrinkles in the corner of his eyes this is the only thing that really gives away his age. Pet for me this is my idea of sex on legs.

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