Tips for Wannabe Sugar Babes

I have lost count of how many London escorts are part-time Sugar Babes. Having a Sugar Daddy seems to be the latest thing here in London, and rather a few of the girls at our elite London escorts service have Sugar Daddies. Do I have a Sugar Daddy? I tried it a couple of times, but I felt that I was not getting enough time to myself. But that does not mean I don’t think it is a good idea. Mainly I think that it works better for the younger charlotte London escorts. When you have been
escorting for a longer period of time, you may indeed want to leave your weekends free.

However, I do have some tips for girls who would like to be Sugar Babes. Being a full-time Sugar Babe is a totally different case scenario than working for London escorts, and being a Sugar Babe on the side. I think that a lot of London escorts
who also work as Sugar Babes do sell themselves a little bit short. They seem to be working for pin money rather than being more realistic about what they really could earn. I have worked it out and some London escorts only charge about 20 quid
per hour when they are with their Sugar Daddies. It would be much better for them working for a London escorts service on a Saturday night.

Sugar Daddies still expect you to look good when you are with them, and not turn up on dates wearing your old jeans. This is another thing I think that a few of the girls at our London escorts service get wrong. They treat their time with their Sugar Daddies as leisure time, and I am pretty sure that is why they go through so many Sugar Daddies. I found that I needed to treat my Sugar Daddies like a business date, and that is when they stayed with me for a longer period of time.

Do make sure that your Sugar Daddy pays you in cash. Some London escorts seem to be swapping dates for a gift or even a bottle of perfume. One girl who works for our London escorts service stopped dating her Sugar Daddy when she found out that he had bought her a fake designer handbag. She was all excited about it, but when she had it valued, it turned out to be a fake designer bag and not worth anything at all. I can still remember how disappointed that she was when she found out.

Don’t take on too many Sugar Daddies. When I tried being the companion of Sugar Daddies, I soon found out that many of them complained that their Sugar Babes had four or five Sugar Daddies. You are not going to have the time to give these men your personal attention. Just have one Sugar Daddy at the time, and focus on your job with London escorts the rest of the time. They say that greed is good, but sometimes I think that you can be too greedy, and you don’t end up gaining anything positive from your time at all.

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